Baby steps > No steps

I have completed sections 1 & 2 of FreeCodeCamp covering basic  HTML, HTML5, and CSS. Most of it is a simple review, but it feels good to make progress no matter how minor!

Look what I can do!

Small feats aside, it might not mean much to have a  lone certification from CodeCamp. But that certification along and cumulative projects involved, as well as certs and projects from other learning resources might add up to something (Udemy, Edx, CodeAcademy, etc.)! What’s even better is all these sites offer a free version of learning.

I’ll be making donations to the sites as I work through them to show my support and gratitude. We live in a wonderful time of technology and free information! For the most part, all you have to pay with is time and effort.

A single baby step is better than no step taken at all.

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