Hit the ground, walking briskly

Somehow my brain has conveniently forgotten the woes of buying college textbooks. It’s a scam; you’re getting swindled and you know it. There’s nothing pretty about the process. The sour part of remembering all this is I’ve managed to pay more for textbooks and supplies ($297) than for the class itself ($208). What the actual hell?! Whatever. We can’t get too upset about these things in life.

Cost of Textbooks > Cost of Tuition

The books and lab supplies I purchased for my programming fundamentals course revolve around C. Thus, I think it’s only reasonable to dabble in aC tutorial for a week or two until class starts. I’ll have a little extra time to process and understand what is going on and get a head start. Something about old dogs and new tricks…

As far as FreeCodeCamp progress goes, I have successfully completed the challenges section for the Responsive Web Design Certification. Additionally, I have worked through 2 of the 5 projects for that certification (build a tribute page & build a survey form). Some HTML attributes are a little elusive, and I realized I need to do a little more reading to distinguish when exactly each is appropriate.

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