Week 1

This week marks the beginning of class #1 in my journey of 7 classes, maybe more. If I continue on to get a 2-year degree instead of only the CSCI certification, I may be in for double the number of classes. Either way, the journey has begun and I’m already fretting over which 2 electives I want to take. I really want to do every last one of them! However, if I could only pick 2, I think I might go for Java GUI programming and Android development.

Elective Options

  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Java GUI Programming
  • Android Development
  • Video Game Programming I
  • iOS Development
  • Discrete Mathematics

Tonight there will be a live streaming event put on by my professor. We will go over the basics of week-one course concepts. I’m actually pretty excited. The class uses #Slack to communicate, and it creates a very friendly environment to ask questions and interact with everyone. This experience has made me take a moment to think a lot about my mindset between now and when I first began college; empowerment and enthusiastic versus lost and inferior, respectively.

Online education has come a long way from classes I took online in 2009. Granted, there are still lots of confusing things to keep track of: login for my college eServices, login for Canvas (learning platform), login for #Slack (for communication, student email account, MyProgrammingLab account, and so much more. One can easily overlook a task or important information.

My hopes are high. I continue to read about hackathons, and articles discussing proper or efficient coding technique.  Though much of it remains over my head, a few things are beginning to sink in. And that’s progress!

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