My midterm was yesterday night. It was a long night. I took almost the full 3 hours to complete it! Grades came out today, and I aced it! Barely. I got a 91%, and though I’m really excited I’m a little peeved at myself for missing a few of the multiple choice/short answer questions. The programming part of the exam I scored a solid 100%, though. All in all, I’m happy! This afternoon I’ve browsed through the list of computer science courses in the fall catalog in anticipation for the semesters to come.

In other thoughts, I might try the 100 days of code challenge. Though I’m not confident I can do an hour a day on the weekends, I can likely commit to an hour each weekday. I struggled for a while with what exactly I should focus on for this challenge; you’re supposed to have direction or an end goal. Myles mentioned he is going to build a website portfolio completely from scratch. That’s neat, and relevant for him, but I don’t think I want to be a web developer. I get really excited about games, and perhaps that’s the direction I should move in. Why fight it if it’s something I naturally enjoy?

With high spirits, I move forward; though a little afraid of the course material to come!

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