One Year Later

Here we are, one year later. I have completed (or am currently enrolled in) the following courses in computer programming through Palomar College.

  • Programming Fundamentals I (program design in C) CSCI 112
  • Programming Fundamentals II (OOP design in Java) CSCI 114
  • Introduction to SQL CSIT 150
  • Android Development CSCI 235
  • Web Site Development HTML5/CSS3 CSWB 110

Though I did drop one class this semester (3 was just way too many with a full-time job) I am still happy with my progress. I will admit though, I think I need a solid project to focus on to get REAL skills. Taking courses is good, but it’s not going to get me a shiny new job if I can’t showcase what I’ve learned and perform with industry-standard tools!

So now I move on with a new set of goals in mind. I hope to create my first portfolio items. I’ll have one for fun and one work-related. The fun one might be with regard to games and learning C++ or a game engine like Unity. The work one will likely be exploring how to create test scripts to test web-based applications. Wish me luck 😉

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