To SF!

I’d like to draw a teeny bit of attention to my GitHub repository for my Android Development CSCI 235 class. I have each lab assignment on there, uploaded in a zip file (I wasn’t really sure what format to share them in). I also have a repository for my CSWB 110 class, with my personal class website, projects, and other assignments. Feel free to check them out. They are by no means masterpieces, but it’s work I have done. There’s no point in waiting until I have perfect work of code-art to share what I’m doing– especially since this is supposed to be about my learning process! Find my GitHub link (and everything else) in the footer of this page.

There are only 3 or so weeks of instruction left in both my Android and CSS/HTML courses; how exciting! The pressure is on for picking courses for next semester. I’m leaning heavily in the direction of Python and/or C#… I’m not so sure I could handle both of them in one semester right now though!

In more exciting news, I’ll be taking a long car ride to the bay in hopes of making new friends in the industry and maybe getting a shiny new job lead! I’m super excited at the new possibility of finally getting into a position where I can learn, and get some traction to excel!

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  1. Hannah- I love the idea of a blog! I like seeing your progress and making strides forward in a direction that you’re wanting to go. Your sense of humor makes me smile. Thanks!

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