When the Party’s Over

The event in SF went great. The speakers all had a sense of humor, and the talk had positive energy throughout. I was able to discuss opportunities with a couple of recruiters from the company, which has me extremely excited. We will see in the coming weeks if anything materializes; I get to do that silly dance where I can’t come across as too enthusiastic. I can’t help it, I get so excited.

Fall semester is coming to a close soon and there are only a couple weeks left of instruction. I got a little lost in my Android class, unfortunately. I fell behind last week when I was traveling and distracted by the tech talk event. Time to catch up on SQL databases in Android as well as last week’s topics of study to finish strong on the final! Last, I have to put the final touches on my class project site (check it out here) and incorporate JavaScript into it somewhere. Then onto spring semester where I am enrolled in R, C#, and waitlisted for Python.

In sifting through little accomplishments to add to my portfolio, I remembered there were a few JavaScript projects I did on KhanAcademy a couple of years ago. One is a shooting star scene animation, another is a googly-eyed frog, along with a few others. I’ll post the link in the sidebar of the blog page. Check them out, laugh at my expense, or play with the code and change it all around!

Happy Monday!

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