Celebrate Small Successes

It’s easy to forget about the little wins and lesser accomplishments while on a journey to some larger, grander goal. Don’t brush these small successes aside. Write them down, reflect, and remember where you were on your quests a month ago, a year ago, or longer. Oftentimes we overlook these minor achievements and hastily cast them away instead of appreciating how far we have come. Take your wins and hold them close. You don’t have to brandish them loudly. Use them as fuel to the fire of self-motivation and onward progression.

By keeping a small 3×5″ notebook with me everywhere I go, I can look at my daily progress whenever I need to. Whether academic in nature, for professional development or personal growth, it’s all there. I flip through the worn pages frequently, and look back at my notes from the beginning of Fall semester, recalling what my state of mind was only 16 weeks ago. Everything changes so quickly.

My notebook keeps me accountable for my (sometimes) fleeting ideas and inspirations, as well as my established milestones. It keeps me in a forward motion by providing proof of progress in the short-term. This method allows me to enjoy the process of getting to a destination, every little hurdle is documented and overcome. Somehow I discovered that writing things down helped me to organize and prepare for each day, and to stay on a path where I can continuously take little steps forward.

Take little steps, and celebrate each and every one.

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