Stay Curious

Finding purpose through lifelong curiosity is a goal I hope to always achieve. When do we lose the child-like curiosity for the world around us? I think when this innocent curiosity dies, a part of our soul and livelihood goes with it, too. I take pride in being able to entertain myself with something as seemingly trivial as the intricacies of an anthill. Call me weird, whatever. Ants are spiffy and there’s so much we’ve learned from them and how they interact with each other and their environments. Anyway, moving along here.

The journey of changing my career path is a big undertaking and nowhere near over, but it has helped push me into a world I would have otherwise never known. I am grateful that I have been able to slowly chip away at this enormous task, one class at a time. Looking at my progress now, a mere 3 classes left until I’m eligible for the Computer Programming Certificate. They’re all 4-unit classes and sound incredibly scary, but I could hypothetically complete it all in a single semester! I might not be a programming whiz yet, but I’ve had steady exposure for 4 semesters now. Tenacity! Woo!

Back to the moral of my monologue… In my life so far, many of the best people I know never really decided “what they want to do with their lives”, in the general sense. They are fun, well-rounded and curious people with open minds and heaps of interesting life experiences. There is so much we can learn in our short time in this world, and I think it’s paramount we savor the flavor of life and stay curious!

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