Spring of 2020 and COVID-19

Who would have guessed a virus would decimate the world economy, shut down travel, and bring every conference and social event to a screeching halt? Halfway through the Spring semester, my Python course has been officially put on pause. My assumption is everyone is preoccupied with their kids being out of school, losing their job, etc. because of this virus and the school is cutting everyone a break. It’s also likely that they can’t put all classes online (too much website traffic), therefore nobody gets to continue class.

Meanwhile, the general population is being told to work from home if possible and to not come into work until April. Everyone is supposed to be isolating themselves from each other. I don’t really know what to do with myself, and everyone else seems to be at a loss, too. Kids are playing in the street and people are taking their dogs for walks several times a day. It’s wholesome as hell but really strange at the same time.

What is particularly troubling to me is the email I got on last week concerning my internship-of-a-lifetime. In short, it said, “we’re monitoring the situation”. This scares me for a few reasons. First, it might be pushed to summer 2021 (me speculating). Second, it could be canceled altogether (me wildly speculating). Third, I could go out there, get sick, and DIE (me throwing COVID-19 statistics and rationality completely to the wind). Of course, I have no actual evidence any of these scenarios have any odds of actually playing out. Yet the fear continues to creep in.

It’s funny how normal everything seems when you take a walk down the street and listen to the birds singing. All of this pandemic anxiety seems to be stemming from people simply worrying about what could happen. Perhaps I should unplug for a while, maintain immaculate hygiene standards, and just enjoy the business-as-usual around me. I think I’ll try to get ahead in my Python class and plan a DnD campaign session (my new hobby).

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