Something About Practice

Good news! Classes have not been canceled; everything has been moved online. I’ll be able to finish out the semester just fine!

Since the COVID pandemic has most businesses closed and there isn’t much else to do but go for occasional walks and stay at home, I’ve had lots of time to think about a suitable project to showcase some skillset with Python and coding in general. I think I found a fun project that will cover a couple of difficulty levels of programming by creating classic games like Pong, Snake, Connect 4, and Tetris.

So far I’ve made Pong, and it was incredibly simple and fun. I’m making a few silly changes to the game to make it “mine”. I have a couple more tiny tweaks to make to it before it’s done. I’ll add each game to my projects page as I complete them.

Finding motivation and concentration in this time of social distancing and quarantine has been surprisingly difficult. Between having a small personal project and my remaining coursework, I’ll busy for the next 8 weeks at least!

Pong! It’s not quite done yet. Check my projects page for the completed version.

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