Virtual Life & Snake

The world is holding its breath for normalcy. All has gone virtual, my internship included. It is a critical time to thank our lucky stars, continue moving forward with our goals, and keep in touch with those we care about. I am grateful to have a summer internship to look forward to. I received a phone call from the university relations recruiter, and will officially be a Blizzard intern for the summer of 2020. *Sigh of relief* I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in an industry I thought I could only dream of breaking into. Life takes another step forward and this chapter of isolation will end soon enough.

In coding project-related news, I made a copycat version on Snake in Python; how ironic. Having never installed new modules in Python before, I had the opportunity to briefly learn about using pip and installing with the command prompt console. Below is a screenshot of me killing it in my Snake game. I’ll add polish to it I think. Maybe a score counter or something? There’s also a funny bug I need to fix where my snake will allow a collision with itself and will somehow lose its head and chop itself into smaller snakes. It adds a whole new level of depth to the game if you keep playing it like that!

Figuring out how the squares are supposed to move and behave was difficult to wrap my head around. I am grateful to have a tutorial in situations like this to guide the general logic flow. This project will be pushed to my GitHub account (link in footer) and updated as I fix or change little things here and there.

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