Summer Reflections

As my last day as a 2020 Blizztern ends, I reflect on my wonderful journey of learning over the past 9 weeks. Not only was I immediately embraced into the kindest and most helpful team I have ever known, but I was guided and mentored throughout the entire process. I worked with my mentor early to have defined goals and objectives, I received help when I hit a road block, and I had access to an enormous network of individuals who could share their knowledge and feedback with me at any time.

Product management takes many forms, depending on the company and the individual team you are working on. Product management with the Overwatch game site team was a technically light role that focused more heavily on design. For me, this was a great soft introduction to a new work process, and I am curious to see what a more technical product management role entails.

I am happy to have worked on a variety of projects:

  1. Facilitated and coordinated the on-time deployment of the seasonal OW event page, Summer Games. It is also outperforming 2019 in CTR!
  2. Organized the team research and study data into a searchable mini Confluence database and linked action items to Jira epics. I created templates and help documents for ease of maintenance, and trained the team on it’s use.
    1. This project was presented to many other team leads who were very interested in this project. I helped the Hearthstone implement similar prototype to test on their team, too!
  3. Worked with UX research individuals, engineering members, and global insights team members to learn more about the scope of each team and what their responsibilities are.
  4. Presented my summer project to my team, fellow interns, and colleagues in many meetings. Also discussed my projects during the 2020 intern expo.

Although my time as a 2020 Blizztern is up, I will take my new skills and insights and carry them with me into my next role, whether it be with Blizzard or another awesome company. In the meantime, Fall semester begins in about a week and I’m working with the Blizzard recruitment team and my professional network to find a permanent full-time position.

Thank you, Blizzard, for this incredibly valuable experience– it has been life-changing!

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