Certified Scrum Master (It’s Official)

This last week I made the decision to tackle a certification that will hopefully help me in my next position. After asking a colleague from this summer on their opinion for the most widely useful cert and the most sought after, I landed on the scrum master certification through Scrum Alliance. Surprisingly, I found a course section for that weekend (which was just a couple days away), and completed all the instruction time, coursework, and the final exam by Sunday afternoon. Lightspeed!

Our course covered the principles and values of agile. It covered the scrum values, theory, purpose, team structure, events, and artifacts of scrum. Use cases, quizzes, group activities and examples were peppered throughout the course, keeping the class actively engaged. My instructor, Brett Palmer, was great at keeping it all upbeat and informative, too.

I found it interesting to have the official scrum structure and guidelines laid out in front of me; same with the agile values and principles. Through many helpful examples from the course instructor, Brett, I learned how many users of scrum and agile aren’t actually users of scrum and agile at all! We hammered out all the details and fundamentals over the last two days and found it all to be extremely enlightening ad empowering. When it came to the final certification exam, I was very well prepared.

Maybe in the near future I will consider taking the next level of scrum certification. Maybe some day I’ll start chasing down a PMP, too!

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