2020 Reflections, 2021 Goals

2020 was a pile of hot garbage, but it wasn’t all bad. I spent some time briefly reflecting on my accomplishments for the year. Here’s what I’ve done to stay in motion and continue to strive for personal and professional growth, even in a year that kept me pivoting.

  1. Completed coursework in Python and Linux, and am even closer to a computer science degree.
  2. Developed my personal brand and story by expanding my professional network and seeking mentorship from accomplished women in gaming and tech.
  3. Took on an enriching new role as a Blizzard PM intern with the Overwatch game site team, where I delivered the Summer Games event page project as well as a Confluence data organization project in just 9 weeks of 100% remote work and onboarding.
  4. Successfully completed coursework and passed the exam for Scrum Master Certification.

Moving into 2021, new opportunities with dream employers await on the horizon! I will be exploring these options and finding the best path in the coming weeks. Academically, I plan to have accomplished 2 more of my required courses by the end of the year (possibly all 3 that remain), meaning I’d be done with my computer programming degree!

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