About Me


I’ve got some weird hobbies, from board games and herpetology, to old VWs and wild food foraging. If you want to hear more, drop me a line and introduce yourself, or follow me on Instagram (link in footer)!

Work Experience

My most recent role was Product Management & Technical Sales Manager with a tiny metrology software company out of Colorado. I was in this role for over 2 and a half years, working 100% remotely. During most of my time with this company, I was the only employee. Thus, I got to see a very wide range of tasks depending on what the company needs were at any given time.

As I have time, I take extra work doing freelance technical writing. My clients have ranged from biotech companies to small game studios. I have written fiction, informational blog posts, technical articles, promotional web content, how-to manuals, and all kinds of other stuff for my clients!

Prior experience of mine has revolved around biotech. I was a lead histotechnician for a small biotech company in Santa Barbara, and I spent some time working as a research histotech for Colorado University at the Anschutz medical campus in the pulmonary toxicology lab. It was in my time there that I decided to make a transition into computer science.