About Me


I’ve got some weird hobbies, from board games and herpetology, to old VWs and wild food foraging. If you want to hear more, drop me a line and introduce yourself, or follow me on Instagram (link in footer)!

Work Experience

Currently looking for my next opportunity! I am a part-time CSCI student at Palomar College (online), former 2020 Blizzard intern, and 2015 Humboldt State biology graduate!

My most recent employer was a Blizzard Entertainment, where I worked as a product management intern for the Overwatch game site team 100% remotely.

Prior to this, I was a Technical Sales & Marketing Manager with a tiny metrology software company based in Colorado. I was in this role for over 2 and a half years, working 100% remotely. During most of my time with this company, I was the only employee. Thus, I got to see a very wide range of tasks depending on what the company needs were at any given time. Seeking better mobility and wanting to take my next steps, I applied to intern for Blizzard and got it; I was one of 62 interns selected out of over 21,000 applicants!

As I have time, I take extra work doing freelance technical writing. My clients have ranged from biotech companies to small game studios. My projects have spanned fiction, informational blog posts, technical articles, promotional web content, how-to manuals, and all kinds of other stuff for my clients!

Before my career transition, my work experience revolved around biotech. I was a lead histotechnician for a small biotech company in Santa Barbara, and I spent some time working as a research histotech for Colorado University at the Anschutz medical campus in the pulmonary toxicology lab. It was in my time there that I decided to make a transition into computer science.