Linux Fundamentals CSCI 130

  • Introduction. Login/Logout, file system and hierarchy, file permissions
  • Archiving, moving, copying & symbolic links
  • Editing files, reading files, filters, redirection
  • Shell and basic shell scripting
  • Communications and archiving, ftp, telnet and SSH, SSH tunneling & email
  • Basic system administration: User management, asset management (disk partitioning, formatting, mount), process scheduling (cron, at boot), package management (installation), network card management (static, dynamic configuration, network up/down, system with multiple cards, routing tables)
  • Firewall, samba, NFS & Linux RAID systems

Linux is something I’ve wanted to familiarize myself with for a while now. This class is my last required elective, although I’m sure I’ll take a few more for fun. This course focuses on using the shell commands and command line tools, basic scripting, and navigation.

Intro to Python Programming CSIT 175

  • Using custom functions & modules
  • Lists, tuples, and working with different data types
  • Using files and coding exceptions
  • Creating and manipulating dictionaries
  • Developing an Object-Oriented Python Application
  • Socket Communication and scripting in GIS

This Python course is really an intro to Python. While I am taking this course I am also working on a small classic game recreation project of my own (in Python, of course). Check it out on my “personal projects” page! Working on this side project will help me to grasp another facet of Python and how versatile of a language it is. Academically, I’m learning how to work with files, data management, and data manipulation which is all critical to know. On the other hand, learning how to create interactive games with visual feedack is a ton of fun, too!

Android Development with Java CSCI 235

  • Positioning with layouts, exploring building blocks
  • Context & activities
  • Defining the manifest & managing app resources
  • Fragments & intents
  • Patterns & effective navigation schemas
  • Accessing files, writing to SD, use of SQLite DB

In this course, I showed proficiency in the basics of Android Development. The projects submitted for the midterm included a simple tip calculator application and a rock, paper scissors game.

The tip calculator app is a simple, single activity application that accepts a numeric value for the bill amount. There is a progress bar where the user can select a tip value from 0-20%. When the tip amount is selected, a text view updates its value to show the tip amount in dollars, and the total bill after tip (screenshots in the gallery above).

The RPS app is a simple game composed of two activities. The user chooses from 3 button actions (rock, paper, or scissors) which is evaluated against the “opponent’s” randomly generated selection. If there is a draw, a rematch button is displayed in the second activity screen, and the activity 1 selection screen will relaunch. The game will continue to loop between activities 1 and 2 until a winner is declared.

All of the lab assignments for this course are uploaded on my GitHub page, under the CSCI235 repository.

Web Site Development CSWB 110

  • Basics of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Using a cross-platform FTP application
  • Tables, forms and visual/audio media
  • JavaScript & jQuery overview
  • Web development cycle, web promotion & e-commerce
  • Accessibility & mobile-friendly web site development

The main project in this course is creating a website for a fictitious coffee shop. The site includes a job inquiry form, music clips from local artists, a swag shop to buy their merchandise online, and a menu page. It isn’t the most beautiful website (in my opinion), but it checks all the boxes for being accessible, search engine optimized, in line with w3c best practices, and was made 100% from scratch using only notepad (required by the instructor).

This site, as well as all other assignments, are uploaded via an FTP application to our personal class website, where we show proof of concept by continuously updating our site each week with new HTML/CSS and JavaScript/jQuery features we learn about.

Other Coursework

Examples of simple code assignments for these courses can be found on my GitHub page.

Introduction to SQL CSIT 150
Program Design in C CSCI 112
Object-Oriented Program Design in Java CSCI 114