Personal Projects

Classic Games Project

I am using PyCharm for the simplest games in my personal project and leaning heavily on the super-convenient PyGame module for the slightly more complicated games. Having never used other modules before, this has been quite the introduction to using Python in a completely different way than in my coursework! Pictures below, code is posted on my GitHub (link in footer), and more classic games to come as they’re completed!

  • Snake
  • Pong

Data Analysis with Python Crash Course

FreeCodeCamp is a godsend. They are a great resource offering free crash courses in everything I want to learn. The Data Analysis with Python course covers the following:

  • Reading data from multiple sources (CSVs, SQL, Excel)
  • Using Jupyter Notebook & Jupyter Lab fundamentals
  • Cleaning up and transforming data using NumPy & Pandas
  • Visualizing data using Matplotlib and Seaborn libraries
  • How to Process data to create reports